For most people, home networking is as simple as connecting their modem to their Wi-Fi router, and then following some basic router setup instructions. Then, all the devices in their home can access the Internet via the Wi-Fi network that they set up. Hurrah! End of story. 🎉

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The classic network setup (Service In -> Wireless Router -> Devices)

However, such a simple setup may not always be ideal. This was the case with me recently since the quarantine began and I moved to a new apartment. I purchased Google Fiber’s Webpass internet and although the classic Wi-Fi setup I described above worked for a while, I quickly started to feel…

No, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t aim for 100% code coverage. I’m not saying that testing for edge cases is bad. What I’m saying is, you should be thinking about why you are testing. Let me start with a little story during my internship on the React team.

One day, I submitted a pull request to add a basic Fragment export to React. It was a pretty simple addition, something along the lines of

React.Fragment = ({children}) => children;

I also added a ton of tests because I was super scared of React.Fragment breaking somehow if a renderer implementation…

Ahn young ha sae yo! Happy New Years everyone! For the upcoming term, I will be interning at a Y Combinator graduated online beauty company called Memebox, where I will be working with the data engineering team. I’m also writing this post on the plane again, which seems to be the trend for my recent posts.

In this blog post, I’m going to describe the process that I had to go through in order to actually be able to work in Korea. …

Your knees are shaking. Your palms are damp with cold sweat. G-g-good afternoon everyone. Ummmm, I, uh — Today I will be — uh — talking about…

I know this scenario all too well. Until a few months ago, I was phenomenally incompetent when it came to public speaking — even when conversing interpersonally with someone who I don’t know very well, I get very anxious and nervous, stumbling on my words and having my thoughts blank out mid-speech. This can be incredibly frustrating since I know that my written communication can be quite strong, but when put onto the…

Clement Hoang

Previously worked on React at Facebook and UWaterloo alumnus. Current engineer at Credit Karma. Learn about me on

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